Mermaid + Pirate 3rd Birthday 

My oldest turned 3!! Where does the time go?  We did a mermaid and pirate themed birthday party. The front room was a pirate ship which lead you “under water” to the mermaids 😉 My sister painted a fun map!  We had goodie bags filled with cars, balls, slimy sea urchins, bubbles and such.  And…… Continue reading Mermaid + Pirate 3rd Birthday 

Penner’s Are Home – Part 1 – Small Beginnings 

Our very first home was actually an apartment! A small apartment, 560 sq feet to be exact. It was the perfect little first home but I knew this is not where I wanted to settle. My parents immediately bought us some things we needed and other things we borrowed. From a bed, to a couch,…… Continue reading Penner’s Are Home – Part 1 – Small Beginnings