For this weeks edition of the Lunch Break Interview Series, I interviewed Sara Fellows. I met Sara a little over 4 years ago! Sara is an outgoing, passionate, God fearing wife and mother. She also claims to be a “little” emotional, which I can definitely relate to now that I have two daughter’s of my own!

Sara homeschools her five daughter’s and is pursuing a career in Real Estate.


“. . . All while making sure my husband is well taken care of, life can get crazy. Currently I am homeschooling my third grader (8 years old), my first grader (6 years old) , my pre-schooler (4 years old), and I have a two year old and an 11 month old that are in the school of hard knocks!! ” – Sara

“I love pursuing Real Estate career because it gives me a place to put my competitive drive to work. Homeschooling is a great place for me to be creative and work on my patience, where R/E is the place for me to push myself, personally, meet new people and help others with their dreams.  It is a flexible career that I can be with my girls as often as possible, yet it is challenging enough that I am learning something everyday.
   My favorite role in life is being a wife. I come to a loss of words when I think of how blessed I am to be married to my husband. If I could spend everyday, pursuing our dreams together with our girls, that would be a total dream come true. I am truly blessed to be living this life with someone like him. ” – Sara

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, what does “God Fearing wife and mother” mean and entail? 

“God Fearing”-  I am someone who wants my life to glorify God in all ways possible. To follow His ways because I know they lead to an abundant life.

I admire all of the work that you do! How do you balance the many hats that you wear? 

I have been blessed with a community of people, specifically my husband, my parents, and close friends that support me in all of my endeavors. It is because of these people that I am able to pursue different passions, and different avenues of life. I truly have the best community of people that make life fun, easier, and more adventurous!

What is it like to homeschool three children? What do your other daughter’s do during that time? 

I would love to say that homeschooling came easy to me and that it has been my passion from the beginning. However, that is not the case. I have been homeschooling for 3 years now and I feel like I am just now getting the hang of it and in all honesty enjoying it. Thank God my oldest daughter gives me grace because she has been through a lot in her time in school!! I am not a rigorous scheduled person, however I have learned that creating a plan and setting a schedule has helped. (Although I don’t always stick to it, it helps give me peace of mind that I have a plan in all of the chaos!)

I would say that I homeschool two of my girls and my four year old does school when ever the wind blows her in the school room! I heard a speaker talk about the, “School Bus Method” when you have kids of various ages that you are schooling. I have absorbed this method throughout the last year. Everyone gets on the School Bus at the same time and then people get off at their different spots. In other words my two year old will stay engaged for about 10 minutes (If there’s snacks involved!!) and then she will wander off, then my four year old will follow shortly after, then my six year old, and finally my eight year old. And the baby is usually misses the bus altogether!! So while my older girls are still doing school work I have the little’s playing with specific toy bins, that only come out during school! This gets them excited to play with these toys because they don’t get to play with them often. These bins are filled with puzzles, blocks, and some other sensory items. Once school is over they just put it all back in the bin and the bin goes back into the closet.

Thanks for being honest about homeschooling! I love the school bus analogy! Do you have any advice for parents that are planning on home schooling for the first time?

My best advice for new homeschool families would be to give yourself grace. You are not going to do it perfectly and there are days that you will want to quit. Don’t!

Take it day by day and when it gets hard, close the books and go play with your kids. There are no rules for how YOUR home school is suppose to be!

Is there a certain curriculum you have to follow to home school? Does the state have any requirements you must meet? 

In New Mexico you are only required to register your child as a homeschooler and make sure the are in school for 180 days out of the year. (That doesn’t mean August-May!)

Were you and your husband surprised to have five girls? What’s your favorite thing about having daughters? 

When Andrew and I got married, he wanted four kids (he for sure wanted one daughter!) I said that I would have as many kids until I was thirty. Well, I turned thirty in September and daughter number four was born that following December. So we both got what we wanted and we assumed we were down having kids. Oh! before I get too far ahead of myself, Andrew is one of four boys so when we had our first daughter the first thing he said was ,”Watch, I’m going to be the one brother with four daughters!” We found out the gender of our first two daughters and the rest we waited until delivery to find out their gender but by the time our fourth daughter was born we weren’t too surprised! Then the real surprise happened when I found out we were pregnant with baby number five! This took us both for a curve ball, having four small kids seemed like a lot and adding an other one was an overwhelming thought. We both really wanted this baby to be a girl. My husband and I are both, Pride and Prejudice fans, so we romanticized being like the Bennet family! There are days he feels like, Teyve from Fiddler on the Roof. Either way these were our point of references of families with five daughters! We don’t know anything other than raising girls so of course I think it’s the best kind of family to have. Although I am sure I would say that if I had five boys!! Each of our daughter have different personalities and different strengths. Most days I am hoping from one fire to an other. But we spend most of our time laughing at the chaos or the drama unfolding before our eyes. There is madness for sure but then that there are snuggles, and giggles. And love notes all over the house. There is slime hidden in all of the corners of my house and new cupcake recipes in the microwave. There is no shortage of shoes or dresses and we are filled with love.

I loved your answer! Do you have any advice for raising daughters? What scares you the most about their teenage years? 

Gosh! I wish I was  super wise when it came to raising daughters, most of the time I feel like I am winging it! However, I feel like allowing them to express their emotions is so important. I allow them to express their feelings but once they are done expressing their feelings,  we try to come up with a plan to help with our hurt feelings. I want them to feel safe to talk to us now that they are young so that when they are older they will want to tell us the super important stuff.

Has your career inspired your daughters in any way? What’s the hardest thing you face with your career and staying home with your girls? 

I don’t know if I an say that my career has inspired my girls but I do think that it has taught them how to work hard if you want dreams to come true!

What led you to Real Estate? What is your favorite thing about your career? 

I chose to pursue real estate for different reasons. The main reason is the flexibly and being my own boss. I like having the freedom to stay home with my kids and still make extra money for our family. Real Estate is a career where you get to help other peoples dream come true and be apart of one of the most exciting time in a persons life. Purchasing or selling a home are huge deals and I love that I get to be apart of the process for these people. It is also a career that is continuing to change and grow so I am always learning and experiencing something new.

Does having a career in real estate make you view your home a certain way? Do the homes you sell ever make you want to re-work your own home? 

I don’t feel like I view my home any differently than I did before I was in Real Estate. I love to decorate and I would love to remodel parts of my house. That really comes from being a restless soul, at times, and being married to a contractor!

I learned so much from interviewing Sara! I’m appreciative of the time she took to do this interview and I loved hearing about all the homeschool details. I plan on doing homeschool with my children and this gave me a lot of insight!


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