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Yesterday I had my two week check up at the OBGYN. My doctor, a sweet woman, measured the baby and he is measuring a bit small. About 29-30 weeks along (I’ll be 31 weeks on Sunday) but both of his sisters were small babies as well, each baby was 6.6 lbs!

My doctor proceeded to tell me that we needed to discuss two things. Baby’s position and his cord. She told us that baby boy had his cord wrapped around his neck twice and he was frank breech.

I had no idea that the cord was wrapped around his neck and to hear that it was around twice was just so much. The cord could have possibly been what was holding him in that position so we didn’t want to chance trying to move him in case of strangulation.

We discussed that I would need to have a cesarean if baby stayed in that position. The more he grows, the tighter the cord would get and he would have a greater risk of dying.  The ideal date to get him out would be at 37 weeks but we would do it sooner if need be.

The doctor said that it is possible for him to get out of the cord. That sometimes babies manage to work their way out and flip head down. My mom came with me to this appointment and when the doctor said that, we kind of just looked at each other. The chances seemed very slim… and from the stories my doctor was telling us, none of the babies got out of that scary position once they were in it. They all stayed… stuck.

So we went home and I explained everything to my husband. My stomach felt sick.

Today, August 24th, I had a follow up ultrasound. The last ultrasound I had was August 21st and that is when we were told that our baby was breech and tangled in his cord. This morning I woke up feeling stressed out but was overall filled with peace. Something that I can’t describe. I vividly remember feeling peace three times in my life and this was one of them. I text my husband while he was at work and he said he felt peace as well.

The day passed quickly and we made it to our appointment in the nick of time. I thought it was at 4:00 but it was at 3:00. Pregnancy brain?

We finally got settled into the room and quickly started everything. During the ultrasound, the technician was very quiet. Eerily quiet. She quickly noticed that baby boy had a foot down! He was now Footling Breech! I couldn’t believe my eyes. His leg was just hanging out all by it’s self. She took a picture of his foot and kept going.


Then she started to whisper  “C’mon baby. C’mon baby” while shaking my belly. Nothing happened. She did it for several minutes and baby would kick here and there but wouldn’t move from his position. I was getting nervous.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, baby started wiggling! We both said “There we go!” at the same time. The technician looked at a few more things. She was going so fast I didn’t understand what she was looking at. Then she said she was finished and was going to have someone speak with us.

We waited. and waited. and waited.

I started to feel sick.

A midwife came in and said she would speak with us shortly. Then the technician came in and said that the midwife just needed to speak with the doctor about a few more things.

The room started to spin. My husband squeezed my leg knowing that I was uneasy.

I was frozen in my chair. Unable to look at my phone, the wall… anything. I ended up getting another migraine.

Finally the midwife came in and sat down. She quickly began by saying that we were here because baby boy had his cord wrapped around his neck twice. Today, his cord was completely free. COMPLETELY FREE!


I broke out into tears and missed a few seconds of what she was saying after that. She told us that the doctor was even shocked saying “I JUST saw him. He had it wrapped around twice.” And the nurse sounded just as speechless as we felt. She had her hands in the air and said that sometimes it’s possible that babies untangle themselves…

but she was basically hinting at a miracle. She couldn’t describe it. It was like a scene from the movies.

I felt God at that moment. I kept thinking “Praise God. Praise God.” This was the peace we were feeling. God was reassuring us!

He heard every single one of your prayers. Every one! and I am so incredibly thankful.

My husband let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled. We couldn’t believe it. “That’s a God thing” we kept saying.

The midwife told us that the doctor no longer considered this to be as dangerous as it was before so I would only need to come in once a week to be monitored. Then I’ll have another ultrasound in a month.

Once I was hooked up to the monitor I tried to soak up everything that just happened. I was and still am in complete awe.

The midwife came back twenty minutes later and said that the baby was doing great! I was having a lot of contractions but it could be because I’m so small. She said to keep an eye on them and sent us home!


As we left the hospital I had goosebumps. My husband said “Today is a good day”

Then my mom text and immediately asked me how everything went. I called her and started crying. I explained everything. We both cried and talked about how this was a miracle.

In such a short amount of time, with a mass amount of prayer, God worked. God moved. He completely flipped this whole situation upside down.

“14 This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 15 And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.” -John 5:14-15

Thank you to everyone who read our story, shared it, prayed for us, everything! Your kindness means the world to our family! We can’t wait to meet this little one.



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