It’s time for a health update! I haven’t posted one in several months because I haven’t had much to update on! Somewhat great news! Some, not so great. Not needing to update means I’ve been fairly stable but also means that some things also aren’t changing in a forward motion but have instead remained the same.

The sign showing that some things have not moved forward, is my tongue. If you’ve read my past updates, (Click HERE) you can see how my tongue was a big factor into how my body was doing. My tongue looks quite bad right now and hasn’t healed at all. This is alarming because it means that we haven’t found the source of my problems. If the source isn’t found, I will fall back to being completely sick all over again and I cannot allow myself to go there

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and I have felt great! I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt this normal and I can’t believe that I can even feel normal at all, much less pregnant and normal! My last two pregnancies were not easy, by far. I was pretty nervous about this one but things have been incredibly different. I’ve been able to soak up all the pregnancy goodness and just enjoy the beauty of it. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful. That being said, at my last wellness appointment I was told that I may be stealing adrenal from the baby. This will enlarge the baby’s adrenals and make for a high stress, ornery, creative/unique child.

I have had a lot of adrenal problems, but even still… this was a shock to me.  At one point last year, I had to take 6 desiccated adrenal supplements a day just to cope. I had weaned myself to maybe 3 a week because I felt better, but I didn’t realize I felt better because I was using my poor baby’s adrenals. I’m now on 1 desiccated adrenal supplement per day

I was also instructed to drink 2 cups of Raspberry Leaf tea thru the rest of the pregnancy and following. This will help tone my uterus and hopefully help with the labor and delivery process.  I have 3 more types of supplements that I need to add into my daily routine and continue to heal my body from whatever havoc was wreaked during my lifetime.

I have to add more beets, sprouts, and protein into my diet along with lots more veggies! There are specific reasons regarding these but I am currently fighting a cold and can’t recall what they’re for. I believe beets has something to do with bile, but there’s more to it. If you know, leave a comment below! Prayers are greatly appreciated, as always!

June marked a big month for me as it was my one year anniversary of first meeting with my Doctor. She immediately got me working on becoming healthy and I’m so grateful.

Last July I had an insane rash that put me back even further and I remember just being so sick and in pain. You can read more HERE and HERE.

Products mentioned are linked below, click through the photos to purchase. Always speak with a physician before adding supplements into your diet.


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