This haul cost us about $150. Walmart is the most inexpensive option for groceries by far, but they don’t have a lot of brands that I typically like to purchase. They’re a great budget friendly option, if you can handle the temptation of yummy looking non-allergy friendly foods and junk foods! I legitimately get sad when I walk into Walmart because I know I can’t tolerate the majority of their products.


Walmart has a Gluten Free section, but I don’t typically buy anything from that area because most of the items are full of sugar, soy, and aren’t dairy free. Just because it’s gluten free doesn’t mean that it’s a healthier option! Gluten free products are often full of fillers that contain junk so you want to read the ingredient list and know what you’re looking for and also what you want to stay away from.


Walmart also has a section with frozen Paleo meals. There are a few good meals here and when I first changed my diet, this is where I started. I didn’t know how to cook dairy and gluten free so it was easier to microwave something at that point. If you look at the ingredients you can easily purchase them individually to try to re-create that meal on your own.


The Ice Cream section here is a little barren. Walmart does carry the Haagen Daz dairy free Ice Cream but they only had raspberry sorbet when I went. They also had Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Ice Cream but it had gluten! Halo Top was also available as a vegan and soy free option. They do have cane sugar, which I can’t tolerate so I didn’t read any further into the ingredient list.


Looking for groceries will typically take me about an hour or longer. If I know what I need, I can go in and out but since new items are always available it does take me a while to read ingredient lists.

If you’re overwhelmed with ingredient lists, produce is a great place to start. Always try to buy organic and always wash your produce before consuming. Produce is crawling with parasites, germs, and other things you don’t want to imagine. Non-Organic produce is full of pesticides and typically has a wax coating as well. You want to wash everything off! You can make your own solution with vinegar or purchase a wash, spray, or even wipes for on the go eating. (The products I use for washing my produce will be linked at the bottom of the page.)

EWG has a shopping list called the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen that are updated yearly. These lists are available to help you reduce exposure to toxic pesticides. If you can’t purchase all organic produce, these lists will help you decide which to purchase as organic and which are okay to buy conventionally grown.

You can view the lists HERE

Organic is always going to be more expensive, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t fully make that switch. Sometimes I just can’t buy any organic produce because it doesn’t fit my budget.

Frozen Produce is also great if you’re planning on making smoothies. Smoothies are an easy way to get your full veggie intake, yucky supplement intake, quick breakfast, or if you’re just craving a smoothie!

Speaking of smoothies, you’ll almost always want to use milk in them. I like coconut milk the best, and I have to get mine unsweetened because I can’t tolerate cane sugar. Walmart had unsweetened and original non-dairy milk. Silk is my favorite brand! There’s cashew, almond, coconut, soy, and even chocolate cashew and almond milk!

So now that you have your milk taken care of, what’s next?

Butter! My favorite brand is Earth Balance because it’s soy free. I stay away from soy because my daughter can’t tolerate it and because and it acts like estrogen when ingested, which we don’t need! The buttery spread that I get is vegan (contains no animal products) and tastes fine, though we rarely use butter anymore. Earth balance has several options available and Walmart carries all of them!

If you look at the Earth Balance container, you’ll see a Non-Gmo Label. GMO’s are living organisms that have been artificially manipulated. They impact the environment, animals, humans, and so on! You don’t want to purchase anything that says “produced with genetic engineering” and as a caution, this little phrase can be hard to look for on product packaging but it’ll almost always be at the bottom of the label in bold lettering. An easy way to know if the product is GMO-Free is to look for the NON-GMO Project Verified Butterfly symbol.

To read more about GMO’s and the NON-GMO Project, click HERE

Last but not least, snacks! I have to keep a lot of snacks on hand because I have toddlers and they nibble all. day. long.

Walmart doesn’t have too many options for snacks as far as “sweets” go but there are still some items worth checking out.

All of the products shared on this post are things that my family can tolerate, not all of them are healthy options but I do what I can. The products that suit my family may not suit yours so always be sure to check ingredient labels and go on grocery adventures! Soon enough you’ll find what works for you and it’ll get easier with time.

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