My purse is a small black backpack from Target. I have tried every type of bag on the planet and I can’t find one I like. Because of this, I have many gently used purses, bags, backpacks, and totes collecting dust in my closet. I’m still on the hunt! Ideas are always welcome!

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  1. Wallet: I had a faux leather wallet from UO that I used for 8 years straight and it was falling apart at the seams. This year my mom bought me a new one! I’m not sure where this one is from but I love the zipper, my last wallet had button snaps and I can’t tell you how many times I had to super glue them.
  2. Hair Bows: I have two daughters. Someone always ends up taking a bow off by the end of the day or one is needed while we’re out of the house. So different colored bows are always cycled through my bag.
  3. Tape Measure: I am a crafter, I never know when I’ll need to measure something!
  4. Kleenex: Tissues are always need. Always.
  5. Food Scissors: These are great for eating out. They cut meat, noodles, and everything else fairly quickly!
  6. Flushable / Sanitizing Wipes: Ah, toddlers. And germs. germs, everywhere.
  7. Snacks: Fruit snacks are small and easy to carry. Except my oldest decided she only likes the orange gummies… and these are from Easter. It’s now June.  I think it’s time to find a new snack to bring.
  8. Applesauce: This one’s for me. I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and need applesauce.
  9. Sunscreen: I can remember to put sunscreen on myself any time I go somewhere. But I can’t remember to put it on my children until we’re already in the burning hot sun. This little guy is a must.
  10. Mints: During my first trimester of pregnancy, I needed several of these to keep me from getting sick. Now my oldest just likes to sneak these simply because her sister is too little for them.
  11. Contact Eye Drops: I rarely use this, but when I need it… I need it!
  12. USB: Again, I craft. I’ve had this one for six years and I always keet in my purse.
  13. Contact Solution: I’m a drama queen when it comes to contacts. Sometimes I have to take them out RIGHT THAT SECOND and this size is compact enough to fit in a purse pocket.
  14. Vaseline: Great to have on hand!
  15. Sunglasses: Always a must with toddlers! and myself.

What are must-haves in your bag? What should I have in mine?


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