I tend to keep my shoes fairly clean. My dad has ingrained that in me since I was a little girl. He would wash my shoes and make sure they always looked tidy. It kind of gave me a glimpse into self respect and taking care of things I owned.

Now, I’m not saying that you don’t care for yourself if your shoes are dirty, but for me it helped me make a connection I didn’t expect to make… over a pair of shoes.

 My husband and kids get their shoes dirty fairly quickly with how busy they are. But not to fret! There’s almost always a solution.

We recently had a photo shoot in the sand and mud. My husband’s brand new Vans (linked below) immediately turned into a muddy mess.


He thought they were ruined! But with a little care, they were back to normal! Now let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:


All shoes are different, try this at your own risk. This has worked for me with every sneaker style shoe I’ve had for the past several years but there are always risks to these things!

  1. Take off any excess mud, dirt, or anything that shouldn’t go in your washing machine. Hitting your shoes against a large rock should get the job done!
  2. Take the laces off of your shoes.
  3. If your shoes have a removable sole, take those out as well.
  4. Put your shoes to wash in your washing machine. I put the settings to Quick Wash (25 minutes) with cold water. I also used a small amount of Pur Tide detergent.
  5. While you wait for the shoes to wash, grab the laces and wet them. Then pour a generous amount of dish soap on them and scrub, scrub, scrub.
  6. Rinse and air dry.
  7. Once your shoes are finished washing, grab your Magic Eraser.
  8. Take your Eraser and the shoes to the sink or bathtub.
  9. Wet the eraser and erase ONLY the white parts of your shoes. Your eraser may fall apart during the process but that’s OK. Just make sure the bits and pieces don’t go down your drain. It’s best to keep the drain plugged until you’re finished.
  10. Keep rinsing the eraser until you’re through cleaning the shoes.
  11. Pick up all the eraser bits and pieces and throw away.
  12. Drain and rinse the sink or tub.
  13. Let shoes air dry, this takes about a day or so.


The photo on the left is how the shoes looked after they came out of the wash. The photo on the right is after a couple of minutes using the magic eraser. I only had a fourth of my eraser left so I didn’t get to clean them as well as I would have liked but you can still see a huge difference! No photo editing has been done to the pictures!

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