How to make extra money in New Mexico



Are you the type of person who hates commercials and skips the ads as quickly as possible? Well, this new company may change your mind about advertisements!

Adwallet pays you 50 cents every time you watch an ad. You can also make additional change every time you share an ad to Facebook or Twitter. Have 50 friends? Great! Adwallet pays you $1.00 for every New Mexican (over 13 years old) who signs up with your referral code and completes their registration.

Simple, easy, and pretty neat!

I have enjoyed every ad I’ve seen. They’re great quality and you can choose what types of ads best fit your lifestyle. You can also get discounts and promotions after certain ads and you can rate the ad as well.

Adwallet is being beta tested in New Mexico and is hoping to expand soon. Because of this, you won’t get an ad every day. When you do receive an ad, you’ll get a text message to notify you. Then you’ll have 3 days to watch it before it disappears.

This is a quick way to earn money for those Starbucks treats after work, buying lunch for a friend, or simply increasing your savings account.

If you’d like to create an ad, you can also do that! I believe advertising starts at $250. You can email to get started!

Interested in trying out Adwallet? Click HERE for my referral code and get started!

*This Post was not sponsored*


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