Hank, not dead yet.

During our vacation in October I started to have random symptoms again. Daily migraines, ear and jaw pain, vertigo, pain in my belly when pressure was applied, ringworm that took over 3 weeks to heal. Then the definite heebiejeebie symptom. Movement near my belly and rib, right side only. It felt as though I had a baby inside KICKING my rib and wiggling around.

During my last appointment I hit 3 major bumps. Because of my symptoms, my doctor had a feeling I STILL have parasites. My blood was clear just a few weeks ago! I’ve done 2 cleanses. After my second one we assumed everything was gone. I had passed 5 earthworm looking things but I had a feeling Hank was much bigger and stronger. Looks like I was right- I got a message later that evening that I, in fact, had parasites.

I’m confused as to what kinds I have but I assume one type is hooked to my intestine somewhere on my right side. What I don’t get is why I have parasites in my blood as well. Are they the same kind? Are they different? If they are different, why? How?

I have leaky gut so I know that’s how my blood is being “poisoned” which leads me to the next bump.

Large fungal colonies in my blood. Not only are these darn things still there, they have grown!

And my third bump. My progesterone is at a postmenopausal stage and I have extremely high estrogen levels. With this comes many dangerous factors. Including a high risk of cancer. But praise God for showing this to us now when it can be corrected!

At one point my stress levels got so high that my body shut down and things stopped working the way they needed to.

I have a new plan of action for November. I always get overwhelmed and extremely sad during the week of my appointments but after much prayer, I’m almost always ready to take on the bumps.

I was told I am at about 60% for healing. 80% is my goal for now, the next 20% will take time (the next few years.)

Prayer requests –

Full healing of the gut

Parasites, dead. All of them.

No longer have a compromised immune system

Candida brought down

Estrogen levels brought down

And control over anxiety

Thank you all for reading and praying with me!


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