Home Tour: Master Bath 

When designing our master bathroom, I wanted it to be simple but pretty. I like cultured marble in bathrooms because it’s clean, sturdy, and white. So we went with that and the linen colored cabinets we have in our kitchen. For some sparkle, I chose a pretty backsplash that had glossy and matte glass tiles along with different types of rock. I went with a light-colored grout since it’ll be above the counters and nothing should really get it dirty.

For the flooring, we went with the same “wood” tile and dark grout that we have in our dining and kitchen area. Then we chose large tan tiles and a medium grout for the shower. Again, nothing fancy. Just simple.

I knew I wanted a special place for my kids to get ready for the day, because I will always remember how my mom got us ready. Those are some of my favorite memories as a kid with my mom. Sitting in front of the mirror everyday while she combed my hair, picking out which clips to use and figuring out what kind of braid I wanted.

We added a center area, that was lower than the rest, and left room for a little chair.

We have yet to buy a chair because my kids like to use that area underneath as a little hideaway nook. Our St. Bernard also loves it.

We chose to have a lot of lighting and natural light so we added three fixtures with six lights and an extra window near the shower.

I also wanted a large mirror that covered the whole wall. I’ve never understood those small, odd-shaped, mirrors in bathrooms.

I chose bronze for every fixture in my house. I don’t know what it is, but it drives me crazy when I see all different colors throughout a house. Gold, copper, bronze, white, etc.

We upgraded to raised cabinets for the sinks and a large shower. I chose not to have decorative glass doors because I needed to be able to see my kids while I’m in there. In my last house, my baby would cry every time I disappeared behind the shower curtain and it made me so sad for her!

I rearrange things constantly but this piece will forever stay near our shower. My mother in law bought it for us and I use it as a reminder every time I step into the water. My grandpa used to always tell me to wash away my emotions from the day when the water would hit me. Once I do that, I look up and read that sign and renew my mind.


What is something that irks you in houses? What comforts you?




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