Finn and Me: An unexpected lesson

Tuesday August 22, 2017

I woke up to noises of a fountain. Only to realize my youngest was peeing on the bed in her sleep. Guess those new diapers didn’t work out.

I looked up and noticed my bathroom door was closed. Which meant Finn, our dog, locked himself in there to lay on the AC vent behind the door. I opened the door and Finn happily greeted me wagging and smacking his tail on everything. Of course, the noise wakes up my kids. Then they snuggle together looking as cute as they possibly could.

I climb back into bed with them forgetting there’s pee everywhere.  I get up to get a towel to put on the pee so I can lie back down. Because it’s 7 am and we all know how wrestling with king size fitted sheets goes.

Once I’m nice and cozy I hear gagging. Oh no. Oh no. OH NO. 

Finn throws up. Walks a little. Throws up again.

Mind you, he’s a 5 month old St. Bernard. 54 lbs. Solid puppy. His vomit is the size of, well, you don’t need the details.

My brain is barely working and I’m trying to process how I’m going to clean this up. I explain to the girls what’s going on so they don’t get out of bed shaking and crying. They understand and I take Finn downstairs. I put him in his crate and get plastic bags.

We’re short on bags.

I clean up his mess and get my kids out of bed. I change my youngest daughter’s diaper and forget that she’s soaked in pee. Shoot.

I forget again.


I take the kids downstairs and let the dogs outside.  I had half a toe out the doorstep and my neighbor’s mother sees that the door is opening and walks to our fence. Nope, not today. I bring my toe back inside.

Finn pukes again. Twice.
I make breakfast, put some dishes away, give the kids said breakfast.

My youngest finishes and hugs me. She reeks. I remember she was covered in pee. Poor child. I get her cleaned up.

I give Finn water, he pukes again.

I tell my mom.

“Pumpkin.” She says.

Okay, pumpkin.

I call my husband and ask about pumpkin. He says it’ll stain the patio.

I don’t listen.

I get the pumpkin.

Finn hates pumpkin.

I pour water in the pumpkin.

Finn loves water.

Finn drinks the pumpkin.

I go clean something else.

My oldest starts screaming.

Finn threw up.


I spray everything with water and decide we’re going outside to clean up whatever I can. I get the girls and myself dressed and ready for the day. We come outside and my oldest gets on the trampoline.

My youngest, somehow, doesn’t have shoes on and is stepping in the vomit spot.

I run to get her shoes.

She’s cleaned up and ready to play.

I wash the sliding glass door.

I pick up dog poop from the yard.

My oldest starts screaming that the trampoline is hot. I race over and without touching her, help her off.

My youngest starts screaming.


She is terrified of flies.

She’s crying and screaming because of the flies and my oldest starts crying and screaming because the patio smells.

We go inside.

I put on a sermon, because, I’m about to lose my mind.

I get out the vacuum.

Vacuum breaks.

I get out the swiffer.

The swiffer breaks.

I make lunch and finish listening to the sermon. I play with the kids and they help me clean. I have yet to lose my mind and yet to yell at someone. I pray.

It starts to get too hot outside by 1 pm. I bring the dogs inside and Finn goes in his crate. I go upstairs and my youngest takes a nap. I’m exhausted but my oldest wants to play with me, so we play.

Koko, our miniature dachshund, starts barking. Per usual.

Wakes up the baby.

Dear goodness.

Baby wakes up cranky. Time to go downstairs.

We get downstairs. Oldest yells, “There’s water all over the crate!”

I check.

Finn threw up everywhere.

I get him outside and figure out how to clean it again. I finally break down and scream at the crate.

Oldest thinks I’m nuts. Starts giggling.

I keep praying.

I check on Finn. I gasp. Somehow I missed a vomiting session. Pumpkin all over my white and black rug. Stained. Ruined.

I call my husband.

I ask him to see if Finn needs to be checked in at the hospital.

He calls back, the vet wants to see Finn.

I tell my mom I can’t afford this. Among other things.

Then I go upstairs and get the kids ready. As I’m on the staircase I hear “Trust me financially. Tithe.” Tithe? What? WE HAVEN’T BEEN TITHING?!

I immediately text my husband. Have we been tithing?

No, not within the last few months because health insurance got too expensive.


I go to my bedroom and somehow manage to sit where the early morning throw up was. I’m wet and full of cleaning solution.
I get the kids ready, the youngest decides to stand in the wet spot. Repeatedly saying “wet. Wet. WET.”

Oh, sweet child. She has no idea what she’s standing in.

My husband comes home and we leave to the vet. We check in. Its $300 for several tests. We decide on X-Rays only. Maybe Finn swallowed a toy? It’s $178.

Finn is acting completely normal, like he was never sick in the first place. Figures.

The Vet shows us his X-Rays. Then she tells us that they can’t pick up anything that is soft or plastic/rubber. If he swallowed a toy, that’s exactly what it would be made of. WHY WEREN’T WE TOLD THIS BEFORE FORKING OUT $$$?!

Nothing shows up except for gas. GAS. Usually the root of all problems, right?

My kids are screaming and acting nuts in the room. The vet pauses during each outbreak and talks gently during the silence.

I don’t think she has kids.

My husband and I are thinking “It’s OKAY, just yell over them so we can leave!”

…My kids are wonderful kids, but like everyone else… they can only handle being in one room for so long.

They give Finn back to us and say “He had water.”

Oh no. Finn can’t control himself when it comes to water.

I guess the assistant realizes the fear on my face so she lets me know he only had a cup.

sure, a cup.

We leave and the kids are starving. We’re in a drive thru lane when we start hearing roaring waters. My husband and I quickly look at each other and start yelling.

Finn peed. All over the back of our vehicle. Without a care in the world. Looks like he had more than a cup of water.

We pull into the parking lot and my husband cleans the vehicle.

On our drive home we talk about how maybe all of this was to give us a push towards tithing again. We have been swamped with bills but we are constantly learning that is when we don’t give up. We give to God and trust him. We cannot stop trusting him and lean on our own understanding. We cannot take our financial struggles into our own hands and cut out tithing because we can’t afford it. So many times we have received random checks in the mail that just so happen to be exactly what we needed when we needed it. It has to be God.

Finn was totally fine the rest of the way home and the days following. I’m so thankful. I was crying all the way to the hospital, letting my fears take control. I think this event was just God telling us to pause. Pause and reevaluate. It was a stressful day and everything turned out fine.

I know the voice. The voice asking me about finances. It caught me off guard but it’s not random. It’s exactly what we needed to get back on track. We have to learn to trust God in every circumstance and in every area of our lives. Chaos and struggles can bring light.


Proverbs 3:5-7

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


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