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In my post “Why I quit SeneGence and tossed my makeup bag” I shared that I would be trying Beauty Counter‘s products.

My first order arrived and I decided to share a short review as I had several people ask me questions about Beauty Counter.  I’ll continue to post reviews as I buy their products. So far, I’m a fan. I also purchase my items under the consultant Against All Grain, but you can choose someone else if you prefer to. UPDATE- I am now a beauty consultant, you can purchase under me if you’d like! Kayla Penner

I recently purchased the Lengthening Mascara, Color Outline Eye Pencil, and the Nourishing Day Cream. I signed up as a member and got the Pearl/Champagne Color Shade Eye duo for free. I also get 15% credit with every purchase!

The packaging is beautiful and chic! I love the simplicity and boldness of it.

Pearl/Champagne Color Shade Eye Duo-

These are the two main colors I usually use so the fact that I got these for free worked out perfectly!

I have oily eyelids and I didn’t have a primer so I knew the color wouldn’t last long, and it didn’t. I used the champagne color on my lids and it lasted maybe an hour. The color was also very subtle and didn’t show up on my skin tone very well. As for the pearl, I used it under my brow line and on the inner corners of my eyes. It stayed! But was still very faint. Overall, I don’t think I’ll be buying more colors, unless I can find a primer. Though I am so tempted to purchase their new limited edition palette! 

Here you can see how faint the colors are, top is champagne, bottom is pearl.

Color Outline Black Eye Pencil-

This glided on so smoothly but has been hard to get used to after using liquid and gel for so long. It has a smudging applicator on the opposite end which is so neat! Overall it worked very well but still disappeared after a few hours due to my oily lids.  ( I used it on my waterline and the top of my eyelids )

Lengthening Black Mascara-

The wand surprised me, it was long and very thin. My eyelashes will not stay curled for anything so I didn’t hold my breath for this product, especially without a primer. But, it worked! This mascara kept my lashes curled each time I’ve used it! It goes on very thin and has a strange consistency to it, almost sticky. I haven’t used mascara in a month so my eyelashes were full and didn’t have any breakage. This mascara made them look even longer! It’s not volumizing at all but definitely lengthens and separates.  img_1435

The only downside is that it’s hard to take off. Harder than waterproof mascara. Coconut oil seemed to work best but still didn’t remove it completely. My eyes didn’t itch or get irritated with any of these products!! I wasn’t dying to clean my face by the end of the day and would’ve easily forgotten I had anything on!


Yesterday Beauty Counter released two new mascara’s. A new Volumizing Mascara and a new formula for the Lengthening Mascara.

Nourishing Day Cream-

This surprised me as it didn’t not have the consistency of a cream. It seemed watery and a little went a long way. It doesn’t seem like it will help my dry skin, especially with autumn coming up but we’ll see!
If you have tried out Beauty Counter, let me know what you think! What are your favorite products?




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