Home Tour: Playroom

The Play Room! This is my daughter’s favorite room in the house. 

A couple of times a week we do school work in here so I hope to bring in more school friendly elements as the kids get older. 

My whole house is painted light gray with white trim. In terms of art, I kind of decorated around the Spring season. So this “theme” also flows through the play room. 

In my dream world, spring is beautiful. Blooming flowers and plants, birds chirping, wonderful rain, light breezes, warm days. But here in New Mexico, its not quite like that. So I stay indoors during spring time and collect all the pretty things.  

I rearrange my house weekly. Meaning I move things into different rooms, pack things away, unpack things, etc etc. I try to keep the kids interested in their surroundings and it keeps me from getting too bored as a stay at home mom. 😉 😉 

Okay, here we go!

In the entry way we have a couple of odd sized walls. On one side I bought a small mirror and hung it to fit the height of my toddlers. They love it. 

Our family loves everything Disney! I purchased a few pieces of Liana Hee’s art work in Disneyland and my girls love them as much as I do! 


The chest of drawers were my great grandmother’s. I painted it white and added an antique touch with dark wax.

My grandfather gave me these copper butterflies years ago and I finally have a spot for them! Butterflies have always held a connection between us. 

It’s funny, we went to my husband’s grandparent’s house and they have a little butterfly exactly like these!

I used to have this kitchen in our dining area but my girls never used it. I moved it 5 feet and they began to play with it a little more. I moved it into the playroom and they play with it daily!! It also works great for storage. The fridge has 2 shelves and the oven and dishwasher actually open so we put the play food and other things in there as well. 

My dad made some book shelves for us and the “B” is from Pottery Barn Teen


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