Mermaid + Pirate 3rd Birthday 

My oldest turned 3!! Where does the time go?

We did a mermaid and pirate themed birthday party. The front room was a pirate ship which lead you “under water” to the mermaids 😉

My sister painted a fun map!

We had goodie bags filled with cars, balls, slimy sea urchins, bubbles and such.

And a treasure chest full of coins and candy rings

And onto the mermaid lagoon!

We had a black fringe hanging on the pirate side that transitioned to an iridescent hanging with sea turtles on the ceiling in between. Complete with balloon “bubbles”

We played “pin the tail on the mermaid” and each child got a mermaid tail in a different color

I love party details and decorations, if you have any parties you’d like to share… leave a comment below!


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