I didn’t know I had parasites

Finally, after a few years of my mother in law telling me I needed to see a specific doctor, and my mom making sure I took care of myself, I made an appointment. Just two weeks prior to that, I was feeling terrible. Almost rock bottom in the health department BUT I thought it was normal. I thought everyone felt like that but I just couldn’t handle it for some reason. I felt pathetic and my body was so weak.

I was (extremely) emotional, moody, tired, had belly pains, nausea, body aches, and dark under eye circles. Dizzy spells throughout the night, panic attacks, my belly would be in so much pain my kids couldn’t sleep on it as they usually would. I couldn’t take a shower without getting completely exhausted. Getting ready for the day would take me atleast two hours because I was in such slow motion. I was barely functioning and I felt like my family was suffering because of it. I was suffering because of it. I could no longer do normal daily activities.

On my way to the doctors office I started getting so panicky and nervous. My stomach felt like it was in knots.

The office was actually a cute little house that made me feel a lot more calm than an actual hospital building would. My husband came with me and we waited to be called.
When it was time for my appointment, we went to a back room that had calming music and a salt lamp. I’m so used to hearing trendy pop music in doctors offices that this was such a relief. The doctor started asking me questions based off paperwork she had me fill out. I explained everything and she seamlessly put together my life without even knowing me for more than a few minutes.  She checked my tongue and explained why it looked the way it did. I was always told I had a geographic tongue so what she was telling me was surprising. Ever since I can remember, my tongue has never looked normal and I didn’t know that it could look normal. Even with a geographic tongue, I shouldn’t have splits in it and I thought that just came with it.

My tongue was covered in white, had a large split that veered to one side and several cuts on the outer edge. It had purple tones and very little pink. (a healthy tongue should be consistent throughout and pink ) it was swollen and that meant fatigue. The white meant a yeast overgrowth, the split meant gut problems and the fact that it went to one side meant something neurological, and the purple had something to do with circulation. I forget the rest.

Then she looked at me and asked if I knew that my eyes were always dilated, meaning that I was in an anxious state.

She looked at my finger nails then continued with her questions. After that we looked at my blood. I wish I would have taken a video or a picture because, to me, it was just so horrifying. My blood was surrounded by tons sugar and a teeny bit of uric acid. The red blood cells were stacked and all different sizes. Many were damaged (meaning liver and kidney problems) and they started to disappear right in front of us. This meant I had a virus and she wasn’t sure if it was a chronic virus or not. She told me that my body wasn’t fighting it, which is scary to hear! I started to get so overwhelmed and more nervous. Some of the white blood cells were morphed into one which is an autoimmune trait.

There was a lot of bacteria and fungi and my blood just looked disgusting overall. Then the doctor pulled out the glass that my blood was in and said “Let’s see what happens when we damage the cells”

So she starts hitting the glass with a pen and slides it back underneath the microscope. All of a sudden these worm / seahorse looking things start coming out of the red blood cells. Some huge and some not. Some more worm looking than others. My husband started freaking out and I was just in shock. It was then that I realized the doctor knew something was inside my cells before she even damaged them. I felt disgusted with my body.

She told us they were spirochete’s and something else that I can’t remember. So she asked if I had ever been bitten by a tick before but I hadn’t to my knowledge. She immediately recommended that I do a parasite cleanse and said that I would feel worse but it was definitely needed.

I put off the cleanse for a week or so because I was terrified. I remember thinking “why this? Why worms?” and I kept questioning God.

Finally, my husband told me not to question what I had been given and not to give up. I so badly wanted to give up and I don’t even really know what giving up meant.

We decided to name my parasite(s) “Hank” and strangely, that made me feel a little better.

I kept feeling something telling me to start the cleanse. It was the right time and I shouldn’t put it off any longer.

I started the cleanse while my husband was on a business trip. Mentally, it was harder than it was physically. I was sick for the first day but I actually felt better while taking the pills! Then I read some reviews of the cleanse and sure enough, people were feeling better while on it!

By the second day my tongue looked so much better!

So, how did this happen?

Well, all of these things were in my blood and shouldn’t have been, because over time I had developed leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is when you have damage to your intestinal lining. Then the lining can’t protect the internal environment very well or filter out what’s good and what’s bad. As a consequence, some bacteria, toxins, incompletely digested proteins, fats, and waste may “leak” out of the intestines into the blood stream. This triggers an autoimmune reaction, which can lead to abdominal bloating, excessive gas, cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin rashes, etc.

Which explains why some of my white blood cells were morphed and why I may have autoimmune “symptoms”

There was/is a lot going on with my body, but for now… we’ll leave it at Hank.

I’m not sure how long I had parasites for, it could have been 15 years, but I came to terms with them and I’m doing okay. I was horrified when I first found out and almost cried when my sister accidentally told someone. My mom kept telling me it’s better to get them out than to not deal with them and I agree. I did the cleanse for a couple of weeks and felt much better. Dizziness at night-time was GONE. The room used to spin throughout the night and it would make me so sick! Itching was gone. Panic attacks, belly pains… gone! I still have some issues that weren’t entirely caused by Hank and I’m working through everything to get healthy. I have a chemical sensitivity that is fairly easy to keep under control as a SAHM since I know what to stay away from but I do have flare ups if I go out in public.

At my next appointment we checked my blood. I had made a little bit of progress and we wanted to see if my blood showed that. It did! There were no spirochetes! The cleanse had killed them. I was so relieved. Praise God!

I’ve been taking natural medications for a month now and I’m starting to feel a million times better. My body got to the point where it was shutting down and it’s been a slow re-start but I’m extremely excited. As for the virus, I still have it. My red blood cells are dying fairly quickly and after the rash, we know I have to attack it gently since I’m too sensitive.

A few weeks later and this is what my tongue looks like!

I have hope that once I get my gut healed, that crack will be no more! I took a food sensitivity panel so I know what to stay away from and it has helped SO much. It’s no wonder my body went haywire! I was literally poisoning myself for 25 years.

During my next appointment I immeduately asked my doctor, how do you get parasites?

Produce is a common place for parasites. Always wash your produce. And I’m not talking about just rinsing with water…

Never eat raw produce in restaurants. They don’t wash them as well as you would. If you have to eat out, make sure your meal is fully cooked. Produce and all.

Wash. Your. Hands.

Don’t let dogs lick your mouth!!

Etc etc.

I assume I got mine from a soccer field. But, really, who knows.

Updates and tidbits will be posted as I heal because I’m hoping my story can help someone else who may be suffering. I’ll hopefully fill in the blanks as best as I can while I try to fully understand things for myself as well.

Prayer Requests 

  • Prayers for more answers
  • Prayers for full recovery
  • Prayers for courage and peace
  • Prayers for hope

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  1. That is so interesting being that my tongue has the same large cut down it and the white lines 🤔. Which was told I also have a geographical tongue 👅

    1. The shapes are the geographic tongue but the cut is not! Unfortunately the cut means you have gut issues. If it’s fully covered in white, that’s the yeast overgrowth but I don’t know if that also factors into the outer white line of the shapes

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