Penner’s Are Home – Part 3 – Blue Skies 

Our new home! We made an offer, it was accepted, we closed fairly quickly! Isn’t she cute? She has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Here’s a tour-

As soon as you walk in there’s a large open living space. The ceiling is SO high and there’s a ton of wall space. Beautiful floors and a couple of large windows. That cut out space is the kitchen.

Here’s a view from the other side. That fan was a doozy to dust!

The kitchen! I spent so much time in this kitchen. Learning to cook and realizing that I absolutely hated it. Playing with my daughter on the tile floor, giving her solid food for the first time, hearing her bang on the back door out of excitement. Listening to her giggles as the dogs ran back and forth. So. Many. Memories.

This was the master bedroom. I hated the closet doors so we took those out and added a closet system and some curtains. We painted the walls an ivory / cream color before we moved in. I had so much fun with my husband getting up early to work on the house. Our daughter didn’t like it though! That small corner of a wall on the right was painted with some triangles as a little nursery area because I don’t like having separate nurseries. 

Here is the master bathroom, it looks almost identical to the other one.

There was some damage on the walls in the living room so I wanted to hide that and we decided on beadboard. My dad worked so hard to get that done for us and started to teach my husband as well.

Then we settled in!

I immediately got antsy with certain things and I always had a project I wanted to tackle. My poor husband was tasked with most of the duties. Painting, hanging, rearranging…. again and again and again. Oh and of course, plenty of Home Depot trips.

Looking back now I’m thankful this all happened here because it taught us a lot and my husband became a pro at everything by the end of it! 😉

Last but not least, our backyard. I wish we would have had some sort of porch to keep the heat off of us but we kept that in mind for our next house 😉

It was short and wide but had a large concrete area that my daughter loved. She could be outside all day if it weren’t for the wind or, well, me dragging her back inside.

We had great neighbors on either side of us but the ones behind us weren’t so… polite.

Once we settled in I was terrified to live on my own. I would get super nervous when my husband would leave for work and couldn’t wait until he got home.

The master bedroom was located at the very front of the house, so in the early morning people would knock on our door and the dogs would go nuts and our baby would wake up screaming and shaking. I would hear cars at night and the possibility of someone driving thru our bedroom was always in the back of my mind.

Finally I decided to move our bed to one of the back rooms and make this room our office.

We also added beadboard to the kitchen and I painted the walls an off white color and the kitchen cabinets white

I wanted to make my house as bright as possible because it was so. incredibly. dark.

As a stay at home mom, I was in the house 24/7 and the dreary green walls were making me sad. I chose a bright blue that reminded me of blue skies. I saw a rental vacation home that I totally wanted to copy, but what I did definitely came out more kiddish.

You win some you lose some!

We had an English mastiff that was digging her nails into the floors, a miniature dachshund that was terrified of them, and a baby that was learning how to crawl. So I decided to buy some new rugs. RugsUSA blew me away! They didn’t last long though, our mastiff completely destroyed them. 

The rainbow one, however, lasted us three years!

I have so many fond memories in this house and some memories that just make me cringe. Like burning hundreds of crayons in the oven and smoking us out.  My dad had to come get my daughter because it was just so bad. Locking me and the baby out of the house in scorching hot weather walking barefoot to the neighbors houses to see who would let us use their phone to call for help. Calling my dad crying because a giant spider was in the living room. Everything is laughable now but I cried a lot during those times!

There’s also a scary moment when I went outside to sweep and the neighbor in front of us had a planter on fire and they were no where to be seen! Thank goodness I was outside, it’s scary to think what would have happened. Things like that make me SO nervous.

The best memories were being able to watch my daughter grow up into her toddler years. It’s so bittersweet that I’ll never be able to bring her here again. We had so much fun together and we both learned a lot. 

She filled each room with laughter and screams and so much adventure

And once we got the backyard ready, she never wanted to come inside! My dad and husband added an underground sprinkler system and I planted lots of flowers! Most of which grew SO big. I learned that I didn’t like plants because bugs… and spiders. Lots of spiders.

My daughter absolutely loved taking a bath and we spent a lot of time in here

But as the months went by, no matter what I did to the house… it just didn’t feel like this is where we were meant to stay.

We lived there for a year and decided to put our house for sale. Within 22 days and 18 showings, we sold our first home.

I’ll always remember the sound of our daughter banging on the front door waiting for her dad or her grandparents to come play. The way the rain poured off the rooftop all summer. Sitting in the front yard looking at rocks or going on walks around the neighborhood. Waiting by the garage for grandma Honey to come pick us up. Hearing Elmo on the television all day long.

A few weeks into having our home on the market I woke up to a loud crash, a flash of light and all the power shut off. I woke up my husband because I was so freaked out. He walked to the garage and heard some talking outside. Lots of  “how did this happen” and what not. He went outside to see what was going on. A young drunk driver crashed through the neighbors front yard into our power box. Right next to our master bedroom. If that box and our car wasn’t there out front, she would have come straight through our house. The thought that was always in the back of my mind came to life. It was terrifying and I couldn’t be more relieved that we made the decision to sleep in the back room!

Now, here’s another tour as we said farewell (photos were taken from our realtor)

Once we sold our house we moved back in with my parents and started the process of building a new home in a new neighborhood… again.


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