Penner’s Are Home – Part 2 – The Home That Never Was

When we moved out of our apartment we began to search for a new home. Our original plan was to rent but then we decided to build in a new neighborhood. We got an awesome lot for a great price and couldn’t wait to start construction. We were pregnant with our first baby and I hoped that our home would be close to done by the time she was born. We stayed at my parents house to save money and I packed everything we owned in little tiny boxes, if at all. I had no idea what I was doing.

These are the boxes my sister packed… Lol.

We moved to my parents in August and they broke ground in November. A few months later we got to pick out some details for the house, not as much as I had wanted but still neat! I chose espresso cabinets, tile throughout (except for the bedrooms) and white/gray granite countertops with a hint of purple. Not sure why I decided to take the photo in black and white… There are 7 items there and I can’t remember what they even looked like.

The design center was one of the neatest experiences but this is the only photo I have of it. Lol, Babies and houses!

Once the house was starting to come together, I kept feeling like it wasn’t meant to be. That for some reason we weren’t going to close on this house. I have a few photos of the exterior but I have no idea what I did with them, so here is the kitchen! The house was 1 story, had 3 bedrooms, a cute little kitchen that overlooked the living area, a courtyard out front and a teeny tiny backyard.

Fast forward a bit and we ended up staying at my parents house for 11 months. The company building our home wasn’t making ANY progress and kept telling us… tomorrow. Tomorrow. Well tomorrow came and nothing ever happened so we decided to cancel our agreement. Our baby was already born and we were running out of space at my parents house. I never did get to see the finished product of the home we were building. At first, I was really sad. But I realized that God may have not wanted us there, it wasn’t meant to be. It took me a few months to sit with this but finally, I felt peace.

Then came the hunt for another home! We searched high and low and couldn’t find anything that fit our budget. We got to carry around our new baby and she did so well!

If I found a house I liked, Isaac didn’t like it and vice versa. I have fun memories of searching for our next home and having our baby with us made the memories stick even more. I remember we went into a house that was fairly cold and our daughter started turning blue! My mom bundled her up and we panicked a little. That was the beginning of so many adventures with baby E and her Honey.

Finally we came across a house that was in the cutest neighborhood. Large trees, pretty white fences, and one of the streets was named “Chilili” which is where I grew up. That night we made an offer.


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