Penner’s Are Home – Part 1 – Small Beginnings 

Our very first home was actually an apartment! A small apartment, 560 sq feet to be exact. It was the perfect little first home but I knew this is not where I wanted to settle. My parents immediately bought us some things we needed and other things we borrowed. From a bed, to a couch, to some curtains.

My dad even made some custom pieces for us!

In our apartment I learned that Isaac liked to cook and I enjoyed cleaning. But for some reason enjoying cleaning doesn’t mean having a clean house. I guess that’s just how life goes!

In high school I started collecting little home decor pieces, most of which didn’t make it into our current home. I also bought contact paper and put it everywhere I could, I’ve gone thru some weird phases.

Isaac made a little office spot for my Etsy shop and he played computer games in the kitchen. We only stayed here for 6 months or so until we started to build a new home!

Looking back, I love the memories we have and seeing what pieces of furniture, decor, and what not that has stayed with us and evolved over the years. So thankful to everyone who helped us get a good start!


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