Hospital Gown | Why it makes a difference in your birth experience

2016-01-04 14.50.12-1When I was in labor with my first daughter, I was given an absolutely horrible gown. It was very large and had 2 giant holes in the front that I assume were made for breastfeeding. I’m 4’11 and fairly small so the holes fit me near my belly and showed off skin that I’d rather have kept covered because 1. I had visitors and 2. It was winter. The whole back was left open because I couldn’t tie it myself which made me more self conscious and uncomfortable. During my pregnancy with my second, I knew that I wanted a robe that was made for me. Something pretty, something warm, and something practical. After searching thru hundreds of (tacky) robes/gowns I found a beautiful one made by My Growing Belly  (it was an Etsy shop at the time) and I was able to customize the fabric, add a liner, and add pockets. I also decided to get one that opened in the front instead of the back. Inside of it there was a small tie that fit perfectly and kept the robe closed along with the larger tie that wraps around my whole body. There were additional options,  such as buttons in the back for an epidural but I wanted a natural labor and I was in-between wearing it during my actual labor or saving it for the day after since labor can be… messy. The fabric I chose was a nude color with large flowers and I was so pleased with the final outcome! The robe got softer with every wash and fit me perfectly, especially lengthwise. I decided to wear it the day after my labor and I didn’t get any stains on it and it kept me warm since my daughter was born early January and a storm came in that night. I was also able to keep tissues with me in my (LARGE! 👍🏻) pockets which is always a plus. During my labor I was given a pretty, yellow gown that had buttons on the sleeves which opened easily. I considered wearing that one during my whole stay but I’m so glad I didn’t. I felt really comfortable in the robe I purchased and I was able to nurse my daughter in it as well. When visitors came I was still completely covered and I was able to walk around without showing off my rear end. If you are on the fence about getting yourself a nice gown for the hospital, I highly recommend getting one. You can always wear them after and they really do help you feel much more comfortable after having a baby. Hospital stays are never fun but bringing special items help make you feel better, I promise.


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