Eisley’s Cake Smash


For Eisley’s first birthday I knew I wanted to have a cake smash but I only wanted to have her dad and I there to soak up all that she was going to do. I picked out her outfit weeks in advance and ordered the sweetest headband from Joelle Fritz. My daughter doesn’t like her hair combed or anything in it and she didn’t like necklaces at the time but I knew that once I showed her the cake, she would forget everything.


Her cake was small and dainty and was nothing how I imagined it would be, but it turned out PERFECT! E’s birthday is close to Valentine’s day and I absolutely love that. The cake even had little hearts on it that E wanted to smash with her fingers ( a few months later I learned that she likes to “smash” the plastic bubbles on top of the soda lids, so cute )


I was certain that E would dig into her cake, unlike other one year olds that I had seen. A lot of them had cried or looked at the cake like “you want me to touch THAT?!” So funny. I’m interested to see how our next little one acts!


Eisley absolutely loved the cake and kept looking at us like “am I allowed to be doing this?” She ate it quite slowly but kept wanting more! She even stopped using her hands and just put her face right into the cake.

EBSEBSMAFinally she got to the point where she was content and her dad just laid her back and she stayed there in the cutest way possible… not moving. Just as happy as can be.



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