Yesterday marked 36 weeks of my second pregnancy. This pregnancy, like the last, has not been “easy” by any means. Today, E and I woke up early as Isaac was leaving for work. She woke up so happy and ready for the day. We stayed in bed for another hour and I watched her play and giggle and in between she would stop to give me hugs and kisses. E is now 22 months and is growing up so quickly! She literally gets smarter every day and it’s making me lose my breath. It’s so neat to see all the things she learns and how her eyes light up the moment she understands something. Once we got out of bed we ate breakfast and she played with my sister’s jewelry.

Once it was time for me to take a shower, she followed me into the bathroom with 3 cookies in hand. I got into the shower and she opened the curtain and asked to get in. She has NEVER done that! E has always been terrified of the shower and has cried the 2 times I’ve put her in with me. I took off her clothes and put her in where the water wasn’t hitting and she started to panic. I told her to sit down and play with the water that was trickling down and she loved it. It made me realize once again that she is growing up. I got out and gave her a bath soon after and then I brought her to my mom’s room (we are in the process of building a new home so we will be staying with my parents until its completed) I put some night time lotion on her and brushed her hair. I put a “bunny foo foo” top and sweats on she got cozy in the bed. I turned on the fireplace and she requested Chocolate Milk and “Elmo Song” so I got everything ready for her and sat next to her. She soon fell asleep and I felt a wave of contentment over me. It’s been a long time since I’ve physically felt “OK” (even when I’m not pregnant, I rarely feel good.) This morning, I felt great. I felt calm and nothing ached too bad or hurt too much. I felt at peace and it’s such a great and rare feeling for me that I knew I had to write it down. My husband recently bought me my own laptop and it’s absolutely perfect, I can pull it out whenever I want to use it and put it away quickly. I hope to continue to write more, now that I don’t have shop things to work on (I’ll post about that soon) and see if it helps calm my mind. I didn’t have an outlet when E was born and I had a hard time with that.

I’m enjoying these last few weeks I have left with just E before the baby comes and I hope she is enjoying it too. I’m so nervous that she will feel “left out” or something of that sort when the baby comes and I don’t want that at all. I pray she never strays from me too soon. I hope to give her all the love she needs





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