Baby Products: Part 2

21. Moby Bath Spout

I originally loved this! But one year later, we have decided to move. My husband took the spout cover off and it had destroyed part of our bath hardware. Definitely not going to use this in our new home. I kept my daughter away from the drain and spout each time she took a bath so I realized I didn’t exactly need it anyway

22. Frog Boon Bath Toy Holder

This item is now discontinued by the manufacturer, but there is a newer version available. This toy holder did its job pretty well but once we decided to move, it was extremely difficult to get off the shower wall and did end up destroying a part of the shower as well. To adhere it to the wall you need two sticky strips that come with the original packaging, so I’m not sure how we would put it up in the new house. I think my husband ended up throwing it out.. I’ll have to figure out a new bath toy holder in a few months.

23. Honest Company Diapers

The day I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, I began researching everything baby related because I was SO excited. I found that so many babies had reactions to certain diapers and wipes and it completely worried me.. that’s when I came across the Honest Company. The brand was still fairly new at the time but they had great reviews. I decided to get a diaper trial and when they came in, I was in love! The designs were SO cute and the wipes seemed to be more sturdy than others that I had seen. My daughter is now 22 months and we use Honest Diapers every day. For our baby shower we received diapers and wipes from every brand out there so it was interesting to test them all out, but in the end Honest was our favorite. Now that my daughter is a little older, she likes to pick out which designs she wants to wear. It makes diaper changing that much more fun for her. Her favorites are the dinosaur ones and the ones with the bunnies on them for the Holiday 2015 collection. She thinks its “Little bunny foo foo”

Since the designs are limited, I always keep ONE diaper from each pack and I store them away in my daughters memory box. While we were packing she found a few of the older ones and gleamed with excitement as if she remembered them! So sweet.

24. Baby Car Mirror

We use the Brica Day and Nightlight musical mirror for our vehicle. It was given to us as a gift from my mother and it has not worked since day 1 but we never returned or exchanged it for some reason. My daughter loves the mirror and continually makes silly faces in it. The mirror part works well but I’m bummed the other parts never worked for my daughter.

25. Sing-A-Long Songs

We have the Little People: Sunday School version and I have no idea where we got it from or who gave it to us. One day we opened it and put it in and my daughter immediately stopped crying to listen. We played this every single time she cried in the car (she cried in her carseat from newborn to about 17 months old) and it worked like a charm! Some songs did end up stuck in my head for weeks at a time but it’s definitely worth it.




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