July 13th, 2013 was a special day. A special day indeed! It was our (2nd) wedding day!

Isaac and I eloped in July of 2012, a couple of days before he left to tech school in another state for 6 months. 6 months!! We eloped in a small chapel that was located in Old Town. I wore a long brown dress and Isaac’s aunt brought her wedding veil for me to wear. It was special to her and I will never forget that.



The Vow kept playing through my head once it was all over. This is not at all how I envisioned my wedding day, but God knew that is how it was meant to be. It was short and sweet and looking back now, I’m thankful that we have that memory.

Like most girls, I wanted a bigger wedding the following year..  and, as always, Isaac let me do whatever I wanted.

I decided I wanted most of the wedding to be DIY and handmade. I also figured that would help keep everything under budget. I had a year to plan and with Isaac being gone, I was able to work on wedding things daily.

I was most excited about choosing a wedding dress and I couldn’t wait to go dress shopping! I knew I wanted a Disney princess dress, and I had exactly the perfect one in mind. I tried on 3 dresses before I asked for the Cinderella one (there are two different Cinderella styles) and my sisters, Mom, and grandma all agreed that, that dress was the one.

penner-173 penner-174 penner-175

I also knew that I didn’t want to wear the typical wedding shoes and I think Isaac was a little confused when I told him what I would be wearing


Isaac and I got married in a Balloon Museum which was perfect for our theme! Can you guess what it is? Yep, Disney’s UP!


My sister made tons of beautiful paper cranes that we hung from the ceiling with fishing line along with colorful paper chandeliers

penner-5 penner-11

The tables were covered with white linen with a blush top cover and were surrounded with white chairs. Each table had a similar, but different centerpiece. I handmade felt flowers that we put into bottles which were wrapped with yarn. We had books and lanterns along with a few photos from our engagement. Everything was set on fabric and a wood piece that my dad made.


penner-55 penner-57 penner-60 penner-61 penner-62 penner-63

With the help of our family, we also created a whole bunch of paper flowers that my grandparents made into an art piece which was put above the dance floor

penner-17 penner-18 penner-19penner-22

A  few months  before the wedding I drew a large picture of a house and tree to use for our guest book. I had my dad make a frame for it so we could hang it in our home for years to come! It worked wonderfully and I am excited to say that all of the blank spaces around the home are full with thumbprints from our friends and family! Below is a photo of what it looked like while we were setting up for the wedding. I also made a small house to use for décor as well as a mailbox and signs. Together, Isaac and I created a scrapbook from all of our years together, which also told our story.

penner-23 penner-24 penner-25 penner-26

We had a candy bar and I’m glad to say it was a hit! The table was destroyed within minutes of the reception opening but I’m SO thankful because we really didn’t need to take all of that candy home!

penner-34 penner-35 penner-36 penner-38 penner-39 penner-42

We wanted the wedding to be kid friendly so we also added a table specifically for kids to have fun with! I did see a few adults coloring as well and I have to say, I loved that.

penner-47 penner-48

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that I didn’t want to have ANY alcohol at my wedding. So, we didn’t.

penner-50 penner-51 penner-52 penner-54

With some help of my sisters we created the bridal party’s bouquets. I gathered old brooches from friends and family and we used those for the centers of the flowers!

penner-68 penner-69 penner-71 penner-73

Isaac’s father passed away when Isaac was just a boy so I wanted to do something special for them. My mom found a beautiful antique pendant at Goodwill so I put one of my favorite pictures of Isaac and his dad inside.  I had a fresh bouquet of flowers that my mom and I picked out and we had the pendant wrapped around the bouquet.

My dad made us a cutting board that you also see below with our names engraved as well as a wooden sign

penner-75 penner-76

My mom also made her awesome chocolate chip cookies that were gone within seconds!

penner-77 penner-80

Our cake topper was made by Angel from The Heads Creation, who has known me since before I was born!

penner-81 penner-82

My parents made this awesome photo booth! They had old photos from my grandparents to Isaac’s grandparents and even our great grandparents!

penner-84  penner-86 penner-88 penner-89 penner-90


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