Baby Products; What we use and don’t use: Part 1

I was so excited to register for items for our baby shower that I wanted to do it 7 months in advance and begged to go to the store almost every weekend. I was also tempted to just get started with an online registry! When the appropriate time came, we got to Babies R Us and I was quickly overwhelmed. I was scanning random things! I had no idea what we’d actually need.

Below is a list of items we used, the items we didn’t, and a list of items we bought later on that should have been on our registry.

1. Desitin VS Buttpaste VS Healing Balm

We registered for Desitin and Buttpaste because I wasn’t sure which one to use. I also bought the Honest Company version of diaper cream as well but this was from my own pocket and not on the registry.

I added this to my registry because as a child I remember my mom asking me to get this for her to use on my baby sisters. I knew it was something I was going to need once our daughter was born. I’m not sure how old my daughter was when we used this but I vividly remember that it gave her MORE blisters and redness then what she had from the diaper rash. She was in SO much pain, I immediately threw it away after one use.

Honest Company Healing Balm
I originally had a sample of this because the label says that it’s good for burns, irritated skin, eczema, and other things. Before the arrival of E, I bought the actual tube of it when the product launched. I was anxious to use it because it is all natural with certified organic oils/extracts/beeswax and of course, don’t we all want that natural stuff for our baby? I was greatly disappointed when the time came to put this product to use. It came out as a clear, watery, oily and grainy substance so I shook it up a bit. It didn’t seem to do anything for the diaper rash. Didn’t irritate it but didn’t help it either. What this product DID do was stain our crib sheets. I closed the tube and put it in the crib during a diaper change and later noticed a giant oily stain. I somehow ended up with these stains all over the crib sheet and emailed the honest company. I was sent a bottle of stain remover which did diddly squat. Nothing could take the stains out and I was scared of getting it anywhere else. Since it didn’t work anyway, I tossed it. I also tested out the stain remover on onesies that were stained from blow outs. I wanted to see if it actually worked and maybe the healing balm was just a lost cause…. Nope, still didn’t work.. but that’s a whole new story in itself.

We started using this when our daughter was just a couple of weeks old and It broke my heart to see that she not only had to wear a diaper everyday but she easily got bumps and blisters as well. As a newborn I let her air dry as much as I could (hello poopy blankets and towels!) but as she got older she just ended up peeing everywhere as soon as the cold air touched her bum so we don’t do this as much. BUT the Buttpaste did give her relief! Sometimes she’ll have a single blister and I’ll put a pea sized amount on it and it’s gone by the next diaper change. My husband, Isaac, uses this paste the most on our daughter and MAKES sure I use it on her as well. Lol. It’s that good. The only problem I have had is that the label says “Goes on and cleans off easily” and it doesn’t actually come off very easily. Especially the maximum strength kind. It seems like I have to scrub her bum which makes me wince.

2. Newborn Boppy (Geo Print)
I chose this Boppy over the original because it was fully padded instead of being a large half donut. For some reason this just made more sense to me. This was not on our registry but I bought it prior to E’s arrival. E was a very alert baby so this product was perfect. It allowed her to be propped up and get a good look around. I used this in her crib while I pumped, in the middle of our bed while I worked on orders, and we used it when we wanted to read to her or let her sleep when we rested. This Boppy comes with a warning that says babies should NOT sleep in it but I never let her out of my sight so I figured that was an exception. As soon as E could roll over we had to put the Boppy away which seemed to come very quickly. Hence the name “Newborn Boppy”
E is now 8 months old and I use the Boppy as a cushion when I watch her play. I figure she can do the same once she’s past a year old or so.

3. Puj Tub

This tub was made specifically for newborns. We registered for the regular plastic tub thing but after the shower I found the Puj tub and decided to get that. We received 2 plastic tubs and returned one. We later received another one and decided to keep it because we thought we had returned both tubs. Now we have 2 again! I also somehow ended up getting 2 Puj tubs when I only paid for 1 so I had to return the extra as well.

We used the Puj tub for our new slippery baby and it was great! She LOVED bath time and this tub was perfect. It is made for the sink so it’s easier to handle the NB in. E grew out of it at about 3 months or so and we used one of the plastic tubs with the mesh hammock. E loved this too but she only used it for a month. After that we just washed her in our tub. It’s still scary sometimes! Slippery babies are terrifying!

4. Nook Pebble Lite Mattress (Glass Color)

I did my research on mattresses and honestly it scared the heck out of me. I heard so many people say “it’s just a baby. They don’t need a nice mattress like WE do” ha. That makes me SO angry. Babies are important! Their matress is important! Their sleep is important! Oh jeeze I could go on. I believe I originally saw the Pebble Lite mattress with Kim Kardashian but I could be wrong. When I did see it, I immediately googled it. I read about it and I was SOLD. It was very pricey (as in $300 + 😳) so I decided I would save up. I told my mom about it and she ended up buying it for E without any question. I was so grateful and and it literally made my heart feel 100 times better knowing E would have a good mattress to start out with. She can use this mattress when she’s a toddler as well because when you flip it over it becomes a toddler mattress! they made it so it isn’t as firm as the baby side. Super neat. We can also use this for future babies.

You also have to buy certain crib sheets for this mattress so it can still be “breatheable” So I had to make sure and do that. SIDS was always on my mind and this matress with the sheets helped me relax a bit.

After E was born I realized its best to have at least 3 sheets just in case something happens in the middle of the night and you need to quickly change the sheets.

5. Crib

We didn’t put a crib on our registry because it was an expensive item and I didn’t feel right asking for it. My grandma ended up buying us a crib and I’m very thankful for it. The crib we got can be turned into a toddler bed as well as a headboard for bigger kids/ teenagers.

6. Jumper

I’m not exactly sure what these are called but at around 6 months our daughter LOVED to jump so we bought a jumper from a friend that they hadn’t used. Some babies just don’t like to jump! I’m glad we waited to get this because we weren’t sure if she would use it or not. The jumper we have connects to a doorway and has a musical mat underneath. She has fallen asleep in it a few times from playing so much in it.

7. Pack and Play

We had one on our registry but didn’t get one. My mom ended up buying a hand me down one from her friend and we didn’t use it until E was about 6 months (when she could sit up by herself) she can only play in it for about 5 minutes and then she gets bored. I switch her toys out weekly but she still doesn’t care to be in there. She does like to press her face into the mesh sides and it never fails to make me laugh.  What a character!

8. Swing

We didn’t have one on our registry but my mom bought us one and E was too small for it until about 2-3 months after she was born. The max time she will last in it is 30 minutes with the lullabies or nature sounds playing. The one we have rocks side to side or front to back. I used the side to side motion when she was smaller and the front to back one as she got bigger.

9. Sophie the Giraffe

we did not get the original one but someone did get us the Sophie teether for younger babies! E was able to hold and pick it up by 6 months because of the handles. She doesn’t use it too much and often gags herself when she does. I probably won’t buy the bigger one.

10. Walker

We have wood floors so my mom bought a minnie mouse walker for E. She has been using it since she was about 5 months or so. She will only last about 5 minutes in it and hasn’t figured out that she can walk around in it. This wasn’t in our registry but I’m glad we have one because E likes to push the music buttons on it and twirl the knobs

11. Bumbo

This also was not on our registry but my mom bought E one and she started to use it at 3 months. She hated it until about 5 months and she is still using it at 8 months. I ended up buying the tray attachment so she can use it when she eats but we ended up not using that part as much as I thought we would. I heard that babies won’t use a bumbo for very long so it isn’t worth it. I disagree, I love the bumbo and E uses it every day. Our future kids can use this as well and they are made in South Africa and the proceeds of the product go back into the community.

11. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

If you click the link above, that is the bag we have. We had a diaper bag on our registry from Babies R Us and we did end up getting that one as well as 2 others. I used one as my hospital bag when E was born and it was great. Isaac also bought me a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack and we used that one until E was about 6 Months. I love the bag but it doesn’t fit our needs so I ended up purchasing a Vera Bradley Disney Backpack and I love it!

12. Car Seat

I researched car seats and the best one I found was the Maxi Cosi car seat. They range from $160-200 +

I had a leopard one and a pink one on our registry but we didn’t get one and I quickly bought one soon after the shower. I was too excited.

I got the one that was all pink. E looked so tiny in it when we brought her home from the hospital but she quickly grew into it. I heard a lot of people say that babies grow out of the maxi cosi quickly but E seems to be doing fine so far. We have had to adjust the straps several times but they do have different slots for them so they CAN be adjusted as they grow which is great. The only downside to this carseat is that it is really heavy. I can barely lift it and Isaac doesn’t like to lug it around so we try not to take into stores. I love that is has lots of padding and cushioning.

Now that my daughter is 22 months, we bought her this Maxi Cosi seat and it wonderful! We even got a second one for my parents vehicle.

13. Stroller

We bought the Aquamarine Bumbleride stroller on sale and I love it! It arrived the day we found out E’s gender 🙂

14. Wraps and Carriers

Almost immediately after we found out we were expecting I purchased a sollybaby wrap in a mint tone. I figured it could be used if the baby was a boy or girl. I didn’t use this wrap as much as I would have liked but it still holds E really well at 8 months and it still keeps her from being touched. I love this product and the only problem I have with it is that its too long for me. I ended up cutting it to fit better but hated that I paid so much for it to be cut.

My mom bought us more of a heavy duty carrier when E was a NB and she hated it until about 4 months. We use it to carry her facing forward, I wish I could do that with the wrap because its too hard for me to use by myself and it’s too big for me even on the smallest adjustments.

14. Bouncer

I didn’t register for one of these but I received one at our baby shower. I started using it when E was just a few days old and it was perfect! I kept it in the bathroom and put E in it while I showered or when I needed to get ready for the day. I used it every day until she was about 5 months old. She got so big she was able to turn around while buckled and I realized it was time to put it away. I was genuinely sad when we had to stop using it because I loved it THAT much and it made me sad that my baby girl was already outgrowing it!

15. Natursutten Pacifier

When I started researching pacifiers I found these and I fell in love. They are absolutely perfect and E loves them. I have replaced hers a couple of times because they start to get sticky and dark brown over time. E uses these 24/7 so we try to have about 4 of them on hand at all times.  They are one whole piece so nothing can get trapped and grow bacteria! They also have a large area that mimics your breast so breastfed babies are comforted by this. You can read more about them here

16. Baby Sleep Gowns

We received several of these but E hated them so we rarely used them

17. Merlins Magic Sleep Suit

We bought one for E when she was 3 months but she hated it so we didn’t start using it until she was about 5 months. It helped her sleep better through the night and kept her from rolling over. I love this product and would definitely recommend it! We have the yellow one

18. Foam Mat Puzzle

My mom bought one for E when she was able to sit up. She loves it! Now that she is crawling everywhere she likes to pull the pieces a part and chew on them. Its super soft and can be put almost anywhere in our house

19. Crib Mobile

I didn’t think to get one for E but my grandparents bought her one when she was about 1 or 2 months. I couldn’t believe how much interest she took in it! She was so tiny but watched it in awe and would kick with excitement! She is almost 9 months now and STILL loves her mobile. She gets so excited when I put it on and it plays music. Now that she’s older, she dances and claps when it plays.

20. Leather Moccs

These moccs are super trendy and can be really expensive. Back when I was making hair accessories I traded some hair things for a pair of moccs from thecoralpear, E still doesn’t fit into them but they’re pretty! My mom bought E two more pairs from a couple of shops thru Jane and they are great! They are easy to put on and protect my little non-walker baby’s feet. Now I know why so many moms use these. However, I’ve seen them on babies that can walk and I don’t agree with it. I think they’re more of a crib shoe. I feel like once babies can walk they need something with a solid sole. I hate seeing kids wear them to Disneyland or outside adventures. Their poor feet!!



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